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Multi-page eCommerce website for portable cooler manufacturers

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Multi-page eCommerce website for portable cooler manufacturers

EvaKool expressed concerns about known security issues with Magento 1 and also wanted to optimise conversions due to rapid expansion of its online business.

A best-practice approach was taken to migrate the existing Magento 1 installation into a new Magento 2 installation with a complete design overhaul during the process.

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Our approach

Although online sales were exceptionally strong, mainly due to the quality of the manufactured product and the brand recognition both within Australia and internationally, it was evident from the outset that work was required to improve user experience for those on mobile devices. The original site was theoretically accessible on mobile, however it was hindered by its heavy reliance on Flash and navigation was difficult. It was no surprise that Google Analytics data indicated visitors on mobile were exiting the site quickly.

The existing product and category pages looked noticeably dated. Although the video background at the top of the page was an effective marketing tool for the iceboxes and travel fridges, this design element did not carry all the way through the various categories making the site feel disjointed.

A decision was made to modernise the site and navigation with a full-screen layout and relevant product imagery to encourage the brand recognition of visitors. Additionally, greater emphasis was placed on factory seconds, specials and finding a dealer.

A full custom map was installed to replace the existing store locator, with care taken to incorporate enough elements from the original dealer/repairer location maps to ensure familiarity for existing clients. This included an automatic prompt to use the customer’s browser location to find the closest store/repairer as well as two separate map areas managed within the administration dashboard which allow EvaKool staff to manage their lists of dealers and repairers separately.

Additionally, a fully customised warranty registration process was written for the Magento 2 site to replace the existing Magento 1 version. This process involved importing the existing warranty registrations from the Magento 1 site so they could be managed alongside the new registrations being added through the Magento 2 warranty registration form.

Throughout the project, all Magento 1 modules were replaced with like components where possible and when an appropriate replacement module did not exist, a new module was created. As an example of this, the shipping functionality from the old site used a flat database table of postcodes, dimensions and costs – and no appropriate Magento 2 module existed to replace this. In addition, a freight estimator was created for the product page so that customers could quickly and easily estimate freight using the same custom freight provider that would calculate the freight during the checkout process.

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The results

The new EvaKool website is fully mobile responsive, contains no Flash, is more visually pleasing and has significantly improved navigation, all contributing to optimising user experience across all devices. No longer do mobile users click back almost as soon as they land on the site.

An added ability to apply filters on product and category pages – such as for various sizes and ranges – has also made it easier for customers to find a specific icebox or travel fridge, while the freight estimator is a handy tool that eliminates concerns over potential shipping costs and assists in increasing conversions.

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