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The Best Testimonial We’ve Ever Received

The Quilters’ and Embroiderers’ Store has been a Kook client since about 2004. Run by a talented bunch of people, they recognised very early what the web could add to their business, and so did Kook.

Far from the stereotype of “little old ladies don’t use computers”, both the demographic and the adoption of online purchasing in this market has challenged all preconceptions.

We developed a fully-integrated eCommerce platform for them which hooks into their internal point-of-sale system to update products.

It’s a relationship built on trust and mutual respect and we recently received a testimonial from them that blew us away.

Thank you Karen!


I’ve been dealing with Kook since way back when – at least 9 years. I’m very happy with their service.

They understand what they do far better than I (thank goodness!). They do their best to understand my business so that they can help steer me in the right direction and provide me with the right tools etc.

Kook are always prompt when a request is made, extremely helpful in times of difficulty, which unfortunately occur from time to time when dealing on-line.

Their charges are reasonable and I always have felt and still do feel that I receive value for money.

Just recently they have suggested some changes to my website which will ensure that we stay current with modern technology and changes that are occurring on-line. I am very grateful for their insight and advice as I am too busy running my business to have the time to be aware of these outside factors that will negatively affect my business.

My website has gone from strength to strength and my internet business provides a substantial boost to my walk-in business. Kook happily wrote specialist software that works with our POS/Inventory software which ensures that our website is updated very regularly throughout the day.

This was designed in such a manner as to minimise any extra work load associated with running the website. Our website (for our industry) would be one of the most comprehensive and extensive in Australia (and the world). It is also up-to-date which seems to be a rare thing in my industry an customers are always delighted when they realise that what we offer, we have.

I am extremely happy with the services provided by Kook and expect to remain a customer of theirs for as long as I am in business.

Great bunch of people led by some very capable & delightful people.

Have a great day

The Quilters’ Store, The Embroiderers’ Store

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