Social media management case study: Multi-channel social

Social media management case study: Multiple-channel social strategy for a national B2B company

We've helped a national fitout, joinery manufacturing and construction company increase their LinkedIn following by 57%, increase their Instagram following by 77% and increase engagement on Facebook by 83%. Find out more.

Many businesses struggle to gain traction on social media, because they fail to implement a worthwhile strategy. Others taste some success for a short time, until a company restructure or the departure of a key individual shakes things up.

In addition to relieving business of the pressure to continually create content or maintain a satisfactory frequency of posting, Kook can guide social strategy with your specific business goals in mind.

Here’s an example of how we’ve helped a national fitout, joinery manufacturing and construction company with clients primarily in the retail, commercial and hospitality industry.

Kook social media management timeframe: 17 months

Program highlights:

  • 57% increase in LinkedIn following
  • 77% increase in Instagram following and 629% increase in website sessions originating from that platform
  • 83% increase in engagement on Facebook
  • 660% increase in website sessions originating from Twitter

In conjunction with an SEO and webmastering program for our client’s WordPress website, our social media management efforts have involved utilising blog articles to encourage click-throughs to the site in conjunction with building brand awareness and showcasing their capabilities.

Working across four platforms – LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – the social strategy has been refined over time although primarily revolved around showcasing the high-quality shopfitting projects undertaken by our clients in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and beyond, utilising photographs they’ve supplied, as well as highlighting their in-house joinery manufacturing services which help set them apart from their competitors.

Despite our client having previously achieved some quite decent results on social media prior to Kook’s management, before in-house efforts fell away, we’ve managed to set a company record for the highest organic reach for a single post on Facebook and Twitter, as well as achieving their third-best post reach of all-time on LinkedIn.

Our client’s following on LinkedIn – their primary channel, given they operate within the B2B space – has grown 57%.

Instagram continues to firm as their second-most important platform, with their following on that channel increasing 77% and the platform delivering 629% more traffic to our client's website compared to the corresponding period prior to Kook's management.

Facebook engagement has increased by 83%, with total page likes growing 21% and click-throughs to their website from that platform up 10%.

Additionally, referral traffic from Twitter has increased by more than 660%.

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