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Social media management case study: Driving traffic to deliver more website goal completions

Some businesses have in-house resources to create engaging content and post on their social media accounts on a regular basis, however struggle to convert their followers into customers.

Businesses survive and thrive by generating leads and sales, so driving more traffic to your website – where they can take a valuable action – is part of the recipe for success. Getting the mix of content right, to maintain or expand reach and ensure an engaged online community while also achieving your business objectives, is key.

Kook can deliver superior results, as highlighted by what we’ve achieved for a reputable Sunshine Coast and Brisbane regional residential home builder.

Kook social media management timeframe: 5 months

Program highlights:

  • 10% increase in goal completions from website sessions originating from Facebook
  • 150% increase in goal completions from website sessions originating from Instagram

Online business success stems from generating traffic to your website – whether from organic search, paid advertising campaigns, referrals from other websites or social media – that results in the user taking a high-value action.

With Kook driving social strategy for this client and supplementing their own in-house social media posting efforts, goal completions on their website – such as floorplan views and contact form submissions – have increased 10% and 150% respectively for sessions originating from Facebook or Instagram.

The number of website sessions originating from Instagram, where their following has grown 29%, has increased 330%.

Meanwhile, Facebook organic reach increased 22% with total page likes growing 11%.

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