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Navigating coronavirus as a business owner

We know businesses are struggling in the COVID-19 storm and we wish you a fast recovery.

In Kook’s 20 years we’ve grown and, more importantly helped our clients grow, through the DotCom crash, the GFC and other threats to Australian businesses.

Starting in the earliest days of the internet, Kook is older than Wikipedia, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and the iPhone. We’re only a few months younger than Google.

With plenty of experience behind us, we’re ready to go into battle with you, mapping out a website upgrade or devising smart digital marketing plans to prepare for when the shutdowns end.

Whether you’re a service business that relies on lead generation, a retailer needing to pivot from bricks-and-mortar into ecommerce or you already have an online store and want to ramp up your advertising, our team has the expertise to implement strategies to help you make it through 2020 successfully – and maybe even stronger than ever. We’d welcome a chance to chat with you on the phone or Skype/Zoom.

When you’re ready to talk, we’re ready to listen.


John Hutchinson

Kook Director


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