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Micro-moments. Technology has changed the way people make buying decisions

Arguably the biggest shift in strategic thinking in digital marketing is what is commonly termed “micro-moments”. Micro-moments are critical touch points within today’s consumer journey, and when added together, they ultimately determine how that journey ends.

Google research shows we check our phones 150 times per day, for an average of not much more than a minute. Yes, we agree, it’s a LOT, but hey, it’s Google and they should know.

Driven by having the technology in their fingertips, consumers are on multiple different channels each day – Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, news websites and so on. A thought pops into your head about dinner and you look up a recipe. At the gym, you think “I need new sports shoes” and look them up between sets. While waiting on a friend for coffee, you’re cruising Facebook. After seeing an ad on TV, you look up the product for more info. You get an SMS from a friend about your favourite band coming to town and go online to book tickets to a concert.

Considering how many micro-moments there are in a day, how do you know what ones to target for best results? You don’t, but Google and Facebook et al do. We explain it to clients like this: Google and Facebook don’t know “who customers are”, but they do know “what your customers are” and “where your customers are”.

In order to take advantage of these micro-moments you need to be adjusting your digital marketing to adapt to when, where and why your customer is on the journey to making a purchase.


If statistical analysis of your site reveals most of your sales come at a certain time of day, but you are spending just as much on ads throughout the rest of the day, then would you be better off pushing more of your budget to that time of day? Don’t just assume, because you may find that it takes two or more ad clicks from the same person (multiple micro-moments) to get the final sale. And the purchase cycle might be over several days. And several channels.


Should you also take into account that the closer the customer is to your business the more you spend on advertising? If you have a physical location that customers can visit, fine-tuning click spend based on proximity to your business may very well make sense. After all, they are right there. The implementation of such a strategy, like any other, shouldn’t be set-and-forget however. Results should be analysed and the strategy tweaked accordingly.


You also need to know why they are there. Your most profitable customer may be finding you on Instagram, going to your Facebook page to look at your reviews, then back to your website to buy. So which one of them is the sale coming from? And are you falling at the last hurdle, not “asking for the sale” such as through a Call To Action on your Facebook page? Tracking acquisition and conversions, then optimising accordingly, is vital.

These are just some of the basic examples of how looking at all the touchpoints you have with your successful sales can better inform you how to lead people through the sales funnel and significantly boost conversion.

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