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Kook whips FIT College website into shape with faster page load times translating to more organic traffic

The problem

Slow-loading pages result in websites being penalised by Google in organic search rankings and they also negatively impact user experience. Not only does this mean less traffic but it can also result in higher bounce rates as users quickly lose patience and exit the site almost immediately. Ultimately, this means lower conversions and a struggle to achieve your business goals.

FIT College, a registered training organisation educating personal trainers at campuses across Australia, started 2017 with a PageSpeed Score of 69 for desktop and 55 or above for mobile – indicating that there was definitely potential for improving page load times. These scores then dipped to 67 and 53 across February, March and April before Kook helped speed things up!

By way of explanation, the PageSpeed Score is essentially a measure of how much room for improvement exists for a site’s page load times – with separate scores provided for desktop and mobile devices. The maximum score of 100 means that Google has no recommendations whatsoever about how the site’s page load times can be further optimised.

At Kook, to ensure a good user experience, we target a score of 80 or above for desktop and 60 or above for mobile.


The solution

  • Optimising page load times as part of a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) management program.
  • Tracking PageSpeed Score monthly to determine any need for further optimisation.


The outcome

Within one month of commencing a new Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Webmastering management program in April, through which the need for PageSpeed Score optimisation came to attention, Kook had delivered significant improvements.

At the end of May, the PageSpeed Score had jumped to 86 for desktop and 71 for mobile. This represented an improvement of 25% and 34% respectively, while indicating that the site now delivered a good user experience.

Work undertaken to achieve such effective results included optimising image sizes, improving browser caching, compressing and combining website assets, and migrating the site’s database to a standalone server.

Smaller page load times on FIT College’s website correlate with an increase in organic search traffic and even a reduction in bounce rates over the first four-month period since Kook started optimising site speed.

CLICK GRAPH TO ENLARGE: Smaller page load times on FIT College’s website correlate with an increase in organic search traffic and even a reduction in bounce rates over the first four-month period since Kook started optimising site speed.

Ongoing management

A PageSpeed Score in the mid-80s for desktop and 71 for mobile were maintained over subsequent months.

Corresponding with the increase in PageSpeed Score, organic search traffic grew almost 15% from the start of May to the end of August. Over the same period, there was also a slight decrease in the bounce rate – something that is indicative of typical positive outcomes.


Key takeaway

Quicker page load times equates to improved user experience and a better Google ranking, which in turn can deliver more organic search traffic, higher engagement levels and more conversions!


Can Kook help you too?

Interested in increasing your organic search traffic by optimising your PageSpeed Score? Contact Kook today to discuss a strategy that can help your business achieve its goals!

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