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Google Remarketing: static versus animated ads

Google’s Remarketing service allows businesses to advertise to customers that have already visited their website. This creates a ‘sticky’ presence for the brand, generating a more loyal audience who are less likely to forget the brand. Serving engaging banner ads to the remarketing audience is crucial, so deciding between static and animated ads is not something to choose lightly.

Static versus Animated Display Ads

Web advertising banners on the Google Display Network are an effective alternative, or supplement to Google Adwords search advertising; Banners can be rolled out across Google’s vast display network which allows for a broad range of customers to see and retain your brand while browsing the Internet.

Deciding between animated and static banners is up to the advertiser’s specific wants and needs, their design capability, as well as the target audience. Which type of advertisement should your business use?

Which is Which?

Placing a static banner on the Display Network involves a single, still advert containing design and/or text, made to Google’s specific set of Display Ad sizes. This file can be a GIF with a single frame comprising of your logo, text and imagery of choice. Note, there is no movement or animations in a static ad.

Deploying an animated ad on the Display Network is slightly more complex; There are 3 main types of animated ad including GIF, Flash and HTML5.

  • A GIF ad involves multiple rotating GIF frames.
  • A flash banner is a banner that plays video content made in Flash.
  • HTML 5 banners are animated and interactive banners. They produce high quality graphics and display well on all devices.

Google’s display network will accept ads in various sizes in either static or animated form.

Why Animated?Animated Remarketing

Animated Banners offer a high level of visual appeal as they can tell complex stories and deliver a more complicated message to those viewing them. Whilst animated banners come in many forms, it is important to choose the right kind for your business or brand.

GIF banners can tell a story through a series of slides, allowing for your content to become more complex than a simple static banner. Furthermore, flash offers users a more video-like experience from your banner, and these have proven to be highly engaging, although their downfall is that they may not work on all devices. HTML 5 offers all the functionality of Flash and GIF banners whilst having increased functionality and device compatibility.

Consequently, HTML5 ads have become the sole animated banner we offer our clients. They not only have proven highly effective and achieve excellent click through and conversions, but are able to be distributed across the entire Google Display Network (including mobile) whereas GIF and Flash ads have a much more limited display capability within the network. HTML5 ads are generally the most engaging, and effective method of remarketing.

Why Static? blog-static-remarketing

Static display placements offer a simple call to action which works well in remarking campaigns where your audience is already familiar with your business or brand. A carefully designed static banner can increase conversion rates and can be just as successful as an animated banner.

Static Banners thrive when providing clear and concise messaging to instigate a point of contact or a web click. They work best on websites where the design of the site does not clash with the design of the ad. Seamless, careful placements of static ads within the Google Display Network will encourage clicks back to your site.

Creating the Advert

Once you have decided what type of advert you would like to use, you can contact us at Kook and begin working on the perfect advert and story that you would like to tell. Within your advert, we can include text, images, logos and videos to assure you have exactly what you want and what would be most effective.

A/B Testing Works!

Running simultaneous adverts (advert A or advert B) for your campaigns can determine the best performing adverts, and help decide where you would like to then place more budget to achieve the best results. This will lead to more conversions as you are investing in adverts that have proven to work for your business. It is good practice to test banners and their performance based on your results and audiences, as it allows you to see what is trending based on the content of the banner.

Who wins?

Animated display ads have the potential to be extremely successful for some industries, offering the possibility of high user engagement. Although, as discussed in this article, there still continues to be a place for static banners, so it is not worth disregarding them entirely. A/B Testing can clarify what does work for your business so you can focus on only creating adverts that achieve the results you want.

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