Google Merchant Center and User Management

Google Merchant Center and user management

Instructions for user management for Google Merchant Center, a vital component of Google Shopping campaigns for ecommerce websites.

Like the other Google services, Google Merchant Center allows for multiple users to access the one account. While there are two different permission levels for Google Merchant Center, these vary only by access to the ‘Users’ tab. To provide access to Google Merchant Center:

  • Sign into your Merchant Center account at
  • Expand the ‘Settings‘ menu
  • Within this expanded menu, select the ‘Account Access‘ option
  • Once within the ‘Account Access’ page, simply select the large + button to add new users. 
  • Insert the email address of the user you wish to invite (for Kook, add, and then select 'Add User'. 
  • Select Admin prefrerences in the user access section and click 'Add User'. 

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