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Introducing the latest addition to the Google Advertising network, "Gmail Sponsored Promotions" aka "GSP" or "Google Gmail Ads". Google Gmail Ads now allow AdWords clients to run more action-orientated display ads that are easily implemented through the Google ad builder and have a huge reach (1 Billion Gmail users Globally each month). The GSP's are high-impact appearing in the Gmail inbox in a message-like format. The medium is very visual with Ads containing pictures and videos in formats that allow single and multi-product promotion. Gmail Ad's allow advertisers to gain valuable insights on actions within the expanded ad with metrics including; measure reach, open rate, click-through rate, saves, forwards. Below is an example of what such ads look like.

Who would benefit from Gmail Ads?

GSPs are highly targetable and can be used to achieve different types of goals from brand awareness and lead generation all the way to up-selling existing clients or getting in front of competitors clients even targeting new clients who share similar traits to your highest converters. Google have supplied case studies on Academic Partnerships and Northeastern University who have both found success using GSPs. Although both clients are from the same industry, the case studied proved that a Gmail Sponsored Promotions can be successful for both lead generation goals and brand awareness building. For both clients, Gmail Display Ads are a very strategic channel with Gmail being a very active channel within the target demographic. The aim for Northeastern University was to generate awareness for enrollments for the 2014-'15 academic year. An example of their display ad shows just why Gmail Sponsored promotions worked for them. Northeastern was able to advertise to highly relevant audience (most likely to be interested in target programs such as Project Management and Engineering Management) with GSPs. Northeastern saw an increase in their average weekly information requests for the target program GSPs helped Northeastern triple their weekly leads and decrease cost-per-lead by 60% As the medium is impression-based it is important that the campaign is carefully evaluated before being implemented. This means the ad display should be well composed and formatted in an appearance that is going to provoke engagement. It is also important that time is invested into demographic targeting to aim the ads at an audience most likely to respond to the content. At Kook we are excited about this new offering from Google and believe it holds great value for our clients. If you would like to find out more or think that Gmail Sponsored promotions would work for your contact the Kook Digital Marketing team here.  

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