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Google Engage Events 2012

Google Engage: Brisbane 2012

This week saw the folks from Google Engage heading to Brisbane to host their Google Engage Master Class. As Google AdWords Certified Partners, the team from KOOK were invited to attend – to discuss and learn about Google product updates. The agency-only seminar provided a more detailed, and practical look into the current and future possibilities of Google advertising services.

Event Speakers

The day truly highlighted the rapid pace in which technology and consumer behaviour continues to change and evolve. The event included presentation and training from two of the most influential industry speakers: David Booth (Cardinal Path) & Corey Koberg (Cardinal Path). From one of the largest global marketing agencies, the team presented insightful and informative information on getting the most out of your online marketing campaigns.

It was interesting that Google Engage were willing to fly out industry professionals (not from Google) to speak to the event attendees. They offer a real, un-biased presentation on Google products, without trying to tie in a sales pitch.

Google Engage for Agencies

Google Engage for Agencies offers a comprehensive look at the fundamentals of Google products, as well as the best practices for advanced users. The day touched on the usage of goals, events and funnels to present better ecommerce tracking data. The team discussed the implications of segmentation and tagging traffic sources. The team from Google Engage are doing a commendable job engaging (accidental pun) and educating digital advertising agencies around Australia.

David Booth

David, a regular to the Google Engage events, has remarkable presentation skills – clearly demonstrating his experience and expertise as a speaker. David’s presentation essentially outlines the recent innovations and improvements in the Google AdWords service – touching on strategies and tactics to leverage your mobile advertising campaigns.

Corey Koberg

It’s always enjoyable to watch someone talk about something they’re clearly passionate about. Corey provided an in-depth look at the development and employment of marketing strategies based on real data produced by Google Analytics. Definitely focusing on the quantitative side of driving traffic (and sales), Corey was able to present an in-depth and practical presentation on advanced Google Analytics tactics. The presentation included:

  • Multi Challen Funnel Reports
  • Social Analytics
  • Flow Reports
  • Custom Variables
  • Youtube & AdWords for Video

Advanced Analytics

Spending the majority of the day following Corey’s advanced presentation; there was a definite focus on the tracking and optimisation of conversions. The day further developed an understanding of the possibilities and capabilities of the Google Analytics tool – whether it is for evaluating website designs or ecommerce sales.

Event Outcomes

The team from KOOK were able to brush up on the existing opportunities within mobile and video advertising, while discovering the new possibilities to reach a wider, more targeted audience. The Google Engage team hold events throughout most major cities within Australia – it is recommended you get in touch with the Google Engage program.

Overall, the day provided an absolutely content-rich serving of Google product information. The day was an ideal environment for networking, connecting industry professionals to the clearly misrepresented ‘faceless giant’; Google. Sophie Hirst & Richard Flanagan provided an enjoyable opportunity to improve existing product knowledge, and learn about the new possibilities within Google’s products and services.

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