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Google’s Dynamic Remarketing & Display Advertising

“Dynamic Remarketing” is the latest type of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising very quickly gaining popularity online via Google’s Display Advertising Network.

Remarketing – displaying your banner ads on other websites to people who have already viewed your website – has been around since early 2010. You may have noticed as you surf the web your favourite news website or eBay or YouTube seems to be showing you display ads for another website that you recently visited. That’s remarketing.

Where dynamic remarketing has stepped this up enormously is that you can very specifically tailor what is seen in those ads based on what the user saw or did while on your website.

Everyone knows it usually takes more than one hit of the marketing hammer to prompt a sale – quite often it takes several visits to “get people across the line” in the sales process and Google’s remarketing is perfect to keep in front of your prospective customers. The more times the person visits your site the closer you are to converting them to a sale.

Remarketing uses a Pay Per Click (PPC) display advertising model so you only pay when someone clicks through to your website. Google is even clever enough to track “view through conversions” – where someone who has seen your ad but doesn’t actually click it, and then later makes a conversion on your website, so you get a much better view on the actual ROI of the display ads, even if they aren’t getting clicked.

Technically, a visitor’s computer stores details about the fact they went to your site (there is no privacy issue as the info is stored on their computer and their computer only, and only uses that information to show them information). When that user goes to another website that has remarketing enabled (that site’s owner shares the PPC revenue with Google) Google will show the user your advertisement, reminding them of their visit and enticing them back.

So remarketing can be as simple as brand re-enforcement or more dynamically targeted such as showing exactly the same product as they viewed on your site previously, or even as complex as showing other products popular with that demographic. For a customer who made a purchase on your site previously, you could also show them a complimentary product closely related to their first purchase.

For anyone already using Google’s Product Listing ads this is a very cost-effective way of ensuring you get a second bite of the cherry at displaying that product to the prospective consumer.

Kook’s ad on The Australian newspaper website on mobile.

This can be very high converting traffic as the customer is obviously showing an ongoing interest in you and your product. If you are getting a reasonable amount of traffic to your website – especially repeat traffic – but not the conversion to sales that you expect, then Google’s dynamic remarketing is definitely one avenue to explore.

It is ideal for audiences who do a great deal of research – that is, where they come to your website, get the info they need and then go away to compare it with other products or services. Sometimes people are in the very early stages of making a purchasing decision or they need to reassure themselves they are getting good value for money.

Dynamic remarketing is perfect to ensure that your product or brand stays in front of them while they are making a purchasing decision.

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