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DIY AdWords – saving a bit may cost you a lot

So you’ve decided to start some Google AdWords and you’ve decided to manage them yourself. You’ve done the online training or been told by a friend it’s pretty simple to do. It may be a good idea to rethink that. Generally speaking, a professional will halve the ongoing cost of your campaigns. Having your AdWords set up professionally will more than likely save you thousands. See some case studies >>

Yes, that’s right. Half the cost. Thousands of dollars saved.

My Dad used to say “you might as well be lighting your cigars with $100 notes”.

OK so this is going to sound immodest, but when clients come to us they think they are doing a pretty good job. When we show them how much money they have been wasting they usually turns several shades of green then red.

It happens time and time again. Clients spending $2000 a month wasting half every month on ineffective campaigns. Not to mention the lost opportunity cost if they have been missing leads or paying for the wrong type of traffic.

But it’s not just the layperson making mistakes. We recently took over an account that had been handled by Reach Local – one of the so-called experts – selling one particular type of car accessory into Australia and New Zealand and spending approximately $2500 per month. We took over the campaigns, and within 3 weeks had increased revenue by 80%. Not exaggerating, we can show you if you want proof.

No matter how you cut it, that client was wasting $1000 a month or missing nearly half the monthly earnings.

“OK, so throw us a bone here”, I hear you saying, “what makes such a difference?”

Let’s use an example of a caryard that services BMWs but also wants let people know it does other European brands as well. Their website is all about BMW as you would expect. Google charges more per click when ads are not relevant to the page they are landing on. So if you are marketing for “Jaguar servicing” for example, but landing on a page that is text-rich for “BMW servicing” will mean the Jaguar ads cost considerably more per click. (By the way, if you are using such broad search marketing terms like this we need to talk – pronto – as you are already throwing money away regardless of the content it is landing on!)

A more cost-effective strategy (albeit with higher upfront cost) is to build landing pages for each of the prestige brands, eg Jaguar, Porsche. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

So even if you just want a second opinion on your Pay Per Click campaigns, talk to us. Or light another cigar with a $100 bill, kick back and congratulate yourself on what a splendid job you are doing.

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