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Adaptive digital engagement

If you want to know why Kook solutions are smarter than “just a website” look no further than what we call our “Adaptive Digital Engagement” platform.

The idea behind this system is to intelligently sell different USPs to different audiences in order to maximise sales conversion.

This involves a multi-pronged AdWords/Social Media marketing/Google Remarketing/Google Shopping/Database marketing strategy that sells a business’s Unique Selling Points via a clever self-learning system.

This adaptive system means it shows ads (text and display ads) on multiple ad channels, learns which ones are performing the best, runs those more often, and/or replaces the poorest performing ads with new ads to constantly introduce new marketing USPs in order to grow the return on investment.

The system is smart enough to know which demographics to show which ads (eg show a certain ad to a specific age group or gender) and also adapts as more data is gathered over time. The result is a tailored set of marketing messages for each marketing channel and demographic spread that is proven to be the most appealing messages to engage the customer and convert them into a sale.

We then couple this with a smart Google remarketing approach that continues to “follow” your website visitors around the web over coming days and weeks showing similar ads.

No other form of marketing can offer such an insight into your audience, and armed with this knowledge your business may even find better ways of selling products and services offline based on the learning gained through this dynamic new way of measuring Return On Investment.

What percentage of your annual marketing spend are you putting into online?
What percentage of people do you think use the web on a daily basis?
What amount of time do you think people spend online?
Still think you have the balance right?

There is no more measurable return on your investment than with web. Every metric can be analysed and fine-tuned.

Talk to the only Sunshine Coast full web agency that not only builds websites, but ensures that website is working for you – Kook.

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