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Manage AdWords Campaigns Offline!

Posted on April 12th, by Alex in Google AdWords.No Comments

Manage Adwords Offline with the Editor

The Google AdWords Editor

Google AdWords is no doubt an extremely powerful online advertising channel; yet often can be time-consuming, tedious and frustrating. The Google AdWords Editor is an essential tool for any AdWords campaign manager. To put it simply, the AdWords editor allows users to manage their AdWords campaigns from their desktops; producing substantial benefits in the form of simple usability, convenience and time efficiency. Essentially, the AdWords editor is a free, lightweight, downloadble application which gives users additional elements of structure and control. It offers a ton of features geared towards making the management of your AdWords campaigns just that little bit easier.

What is the AdWords Editor?

Regardless of how minor or major your changes are, making them with the Google AdWords editor is a breeze. The AdWords editor is a streamlining management process that gives users more time and structure. Speaking from experience, one of the best features of the tool is the ability to make multiple changes, and then upload them all once you’re ready. It is an extremely easy tool to utilise; enabling multiple large-scale changes to be completed in seconds (rather than hours). One of the most convenient features of the application is the ability to copy and paste adgroups, ad text, keywords and campaigns throughout an AdWords account (huge benefit for placing an ad throughout numerous campaigns).

What if I have multiple accounts?

The AdWords editor maintains a similar login process as the online AdWords system; allowing for the management of multiple accounts or clients (especially helpful if you’re using a My Client Center (MCC) account). With an extremely straightfoward interface, users are able to import, export and backup data with the click of a button. The Google AdWords editor is an essential tool for any decent AdWords campaign manager.

Where to get the AdWords Editor?

The AdWords editor is available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Mac OS X (10.4 and later), so you can be sure that if you’re looking to do some offline campaign management, the AdWords editor is for you. In the AdWords Editor, users can manage keywords, placements, ads, adgroups, extensions and campaigns. The program even comes with an online help file that provides clear and informative guidance (just incase you get stuck!).


Be sure to familiarise with the AdWords Editor, it will save you time and frustration in the long run. The AdWords Editor is an essential tool, regardless of your campaign size, industry experience or AdWords capability.The tool offers no promises of increased revenue or traffic, but it will signinifcantly improve your AdWords experience and campaign management efficiency.

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