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Social Media Management (SMM)

You can DIY, but if you want superior results here's what you need to know

Given 93% of Australians access the Internet every day and 80% of Australians have a Facebook account, it’s imperative for almost all businesses to maintain an active Facebook presence. Ignoring that channel can actually be a detriment to your business.

Millions of Australians are also active on YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter and myriad other channels, but it’s wise not to spread yourself efforts too thin and attempt to be everywhere. It’s far better to concentrate on one or a few channels and manage them really well; of course, identifying the ones that will allow your business to best interact with your target audience and creating the best strategy possible to utilise them pose additional challenges.

We find most attempts at DIY Social Media Management fail to implement any worthwhile strategy and lack content that showcases the business's services and products in the right manner for the chosen channel.

If you’re struggling to gain any traction on your business’s existing social media accounts, you’re looking to expand your social media presence onto additional social channels or you’re are wanting a strategic approach from the outset for a new business, Kook can take away all the hassle and guesswork.

Whether it’s helping to create and disseminate relevant content with the intention of increasing engagement and delivering business conversions or reacting to customer service issues, Kook works to offer tailored and flexible Social Media Management (SMM) packages that are as unique as your business.

Why you should use an expert for SMM

Just like any other form of marketing or advertising, a post without defined purpose or one without a Call To Action fails to gain engagement and conversion. As social media is social, however, it’s important not to over sell.

It also needs to be considered where social media fits within the other marketing channels. Are you saying the same thing or different things to this audience? Are you targeting people who are coming from your website, seeking to engage with them and build lasting customer relationships? Or are you primarily driving people to your website, using social media to seek out potential new customers and introduce them to your brand?

Social media offers many potential benefits to businesses, such as:

  • Gaining valuable customer insights
  • Increasing brand awareness and loyalty through enriching relationships with your customers
  • Increasing website traffic
  • Generating higher converting leads

Australians are among the most prolific social media users in the world, with about 15 million active Facebook users each month (approximately 70% of the population) and the majority of those (1 in every 2 Australians) logging in every day. With many Aussies also active on other platforms (for example, 1 in 2 using YouTube, 1 in 3 using Instagram, 1 in 6 using LinkedIn, 1 in 6 using Snapchat and 1 in 8 using Twitter), businesses who maintain an active social media presence have enormous potential market penetration … but only if they get their strategy right and implement the right content mix, which is no easy feat.

Why you should use Kook for SMM

Kook can help you to identify the best channels for your business to concentrate its efforts on, create the best strategy possible on how to utilise them and tailor our ongoing management to either take care of everything for you or supplement your own efforts – whichever you prefer.

Within the SMM package you choose based on the unique needs of your business, our efforts are always designed to allow for the greatest Return On Investment possible for you.

Typical Social Media Management activities we handle for clients:

  • Managing accounts across various social media channels (eg Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter), with a specific monthly volume of posts outlined in each of our SMM packages.
  • Creating and publishing posts across each client’s specified channels (most scheduled in advance, but usually with some budget allocation left for reactive management and trending opportunities), with an aim to build awareness, increase post engagement, grow your social following and lead to business conversions, including:
    • Posts that link to blog articles written in-house or by Kook on behalf of the client, to help drive social media traffic to their website.
    • Posts that utilise additional client-supplied materials (eg copy based around text on their website or specific events/promotions, in conjunction with video/photos made available to us).
    • Utilisation of Call To Action buttons on some posts, on platforms where this is available (eg “Call Now”, “Message Us”, “Get Directions” etc on Facebook) to encourage conversions.
    • Sharing of industry-related articles or events likely to be of interest to the client’s customers (content curation).
    • Limited new content development (for example, utilising stock images or creation of graphics or animated GIFs).
  • Supplying a content calendar in Excel spreadsheet format, so the client is aware of what will be posted when.
  • Maintaining a basic level of social media presence on the selected channels, such as flagging with the client any negative reviews/comments and unanswered customer messages.
  • A comprehensive monthly report that outlines reach and engagement, along with other relevant metrics primarily focussing on traffic we’ve driven to the client’s website and/or business and any conversion actions that occur from that traffic, plus highlights the strategy for the coming month.


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