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Beating ‘the best’ AdWords managers

Beating ‘the best’ AdWords managers

The following is an example of how much of a difference professional AdWords management can make for any business.


And people think we just build websites….

The following is an example of how much of a difference professional AdWords management can make for any business.

“Them”, self-proclaimed as “Australia’s No.1 Google AdWords management Firm” with offices in every Australian capital city, was spending twice as much as they were earning for our new client. The client was obviously not impressed and didn’t know where to turn.

               Cost        Sales   Revenue Gross profit
Kook     $1,023.00    42        $2924        186%

Them     $1,125.00     8          $600          -47%

In just a fortnight, Kook turned this around to almost triple digits gross profit. We are now a month later and the numbers are even better as we have refined the campaigns. Now that the we can begin ramping up the ad spend

Some other results we achieved recently….
Client 1: eCommerce website increased turnover 30% overnight due to better usability/checkout process.
Client 2: Changed domain from .com to and doubled search engine clickthrough conversion rate within 30 days.
Client 3: Same Google AdWords budget, 90% increase in sales over a three-month period (and we are talking solid five-figure sales per month).

Outstanding results and with just one office right here on the Sunshine Coast. And people think we just build websites.

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